Friday , February 23 2018

Niraula and Aavaas’s Paleti serenade

The August iteration of the monthly musical show Paleti, which took place Friday evening, saw singer Meena Niraula and musician Aavaas perform songs by eminent songwriters such as Bairagi Kaila, Manjul, Shrawan Mukarung and Laxmi Prasad Devkota.Speaking at the event, composer Aavaas said that this edition of Paleti was to celebrate the linkage between different generations of musicians in Nepal.

Niraula, originally from Manipur, India, has been associated with Paleti for almost a decade now, performing alongside veterans such as Amber Gurung and Shanti Thatal. She has also lent her voice to songs by lyricists Ratna Shamsher Thapa, Kiran Kharel, Ram Man Trishit and Dinesh Adhikari.“I came to Kathmandu from Manipur in India for music, and I consider myself fortunate enough to have Paleti as a platform to hone my skills,” said singer Niraula. “With Paleti, I got an opportunity to perform with the legends of Nepali music. Paleti is my home and my music school as well.” Aavaas and Meena were accompanied on stage by Suraj Pradhan on guitars, Dinesh Regmi on keys, Buddha Lama on the flute, Sundar Maharjan on percussions and Sandesh Maharjan on tabala.


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