Sunday , January 21 2018



During the time of her peak success and popularity, Sanchita Luitel tied her second knot with another popular actor Nikhil Upreti. Since then she was not involve in any films. Evergreen beauty actress, Sanchita is making her attempt t back in the films again. After giving two regular births, she was busy nurturing her children and now she is physically-fit, …

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Susma Karki in different looks

The shooting of the film CHALECHHA BATAS SUSTARI is flooring its shooting activities in the tourist hub of Nepal, Pokhara. Actor Aakash Pal and actress Sushma Karki are seen in the lead role. The film is being produced by Pradip Bhardhwaz, he only has written script for the film. Actress Sushma is seen in very ordinary role and looks very …

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Prabal Gurung busy in Nepali film Promotion

Hollywood Fashion Designer-Prabal Gurung seems very busy in the promotion of the Nepali movie RESHAM FILILEE….. From his twitter account, he has requested the audiences to watch the movie. He has also shared the music video of the song JAALAIMA of the Australian version. The different versions of the song can be watched in the youtube. Among them, the Australian …

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Rekha debuted nephew in RAMPYARI

Actress, producer and director, Rekha Thapa had been introducing new faces in the film industries through her films. She had been giving chances to those new comers other than family relation but this time Rekha Thapa is debuting her nephew, her own sister Paaru Adhikari’s son Aabhash Adhikari in her  upcoming film RAMPYARI. We can see Aabhash Adhikari as an …

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Kalyan Adhikari to Direct Movie

Kalyan Adhikari who worked with Nirak Poudel in the film HOMEWORK as an assistant director has made an announcement that he is going to produce and direct the film. He is thankful to Nirak Puodel for what he learned to do. After he gained enough knowledge, experience and confident for the field, he is going to direct the film in …

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Year 2071 for NEPALI FILMS

The Nepali Film Industries had to satisfy with very few films that only collected good public till the theatre and made good business. Its not only the dark year for the industries itself but that didn’t leave producers, directors, old artists and the new comers who had imagined the sector to be more easy than they had thought. Priyanka Karki, …

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