Tuesday , January 23 2018

Nepali Movie Review

“BAGMATI”- Movie Review.

Though Nepal is not the same as before but Rajesh Hamal is as usual. Rajesh was sure that his movie “BAGMATI” will be a hit bringing South Indian techniques in the movie. But this time fans of Rajesh will surely be sad because the movie of 1 hour and 45 minutes is not able to present as shown in the …

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The Nepali film based on social  drama genre, KABADI KABADI, we may called it the sequel of KABADI, but we rarely find the taste. It’s tried to unfold the hidden traditional practice of Thakali community (fupuchela bihe garne) and practice of general election in the village of Nepal. What happens when politics interfere the love affair? Brotherhood and closeness become …

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SUSHRI-Movie Review

The film SUSHRI whose script writing and direction was done by the well-known script writer Shivam Adhikari.  It’s better we look the film based on contents rather than its objectives. The film is totally based on philosophy but this leaves Nepalese society far behind.  It’s the story based on a life of terrorist girl who takes a boy (bridegroom)  away …

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The title is really important  for any subject. When one sees the tittle, s/he tries to sketch out the whole story and the roles of characters. But the film THAMEL DOT COM which must have the main content of Thamel area, a tourist hub of Nepal where all kinds of activities take place, kept under the shadow. The film unit …

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ADHAKATTI-Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5 (Two And Half Stars) The trend of entering the new artists, producers and the directors in the film industries seems positive but they should bear in mind that people of twenty first century who are watching the entire globe in their palm will not digest any type stuffs they are given. The film ADHAKATTI directed by Subrat Acharya …

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PARDESHI-Movie Review

Rating: 3.5/5 (Three And Half Stars) This is a good fortune for Nepali Film Industries and Nepalese audience that they got Nepali film really made in the story of Nepalese life and Nepalese society. Its strongest point to lure the audience till the hall is …the story of Nepalese to go to gulf countries in search of better opportunities, their …

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