Tuesday , October 24 2017

“Ember Eyes” release second album

Ember Eyes, a Kathmandu-based new age rock band, dropped their second album at a concert on Saturday, at Reggae Bar, Thamel. The launch event also saw performances by accompanying bands Pariwartan and Space.Self-titled after the band’s name, the album consists of eight songs, including a bonus track re-recorded from the previous album, Prashnottar.Sarin Bajracharya, the band’s drummer said, “The lyrics are a prelude to breaking through to the otherwise gloomy and melancholic side of existence.”

He added that the 38-minute long album, recorded at the Sound Fusion Studio and mastered by Bishal Rai, portrays an optimistic outlook on the negative aspects of life.Ember Eyes was founded in 2012. After a couple of line-up changes, the four-member band now consists of Sanjay Singh Hamal on vocals/guitars, Amod Silwal on guitars, Tshewang Tamang on bass, and Sarin Bajracharya on drums.The band has released a music video for their song Swikarney Chau from the album on YouTube, and the second music video is slated to be released soon.

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