Sunday , January 21 2018

Film “Rudrapriya” to release this Tihar

The first look of actress Rekha Thapa’s upcoming film, Rudrapriya, was launched amid a function held in the Capital on Sunday. The film features Thapa and Aaryan Sigdel in the lead roles, in what is to become the first time they are sharing screen in seven years.

The first look features Thapa wearing a hijab which half-covers her face. Speaking about her new avatar, actress Thapa has said, “Ours is a society where many women are compelled to hide under the figurative hijab. The film is a sort of a provocation of that.” Speaking at the event, Thapa also hailed her co-star Sigdel. She said, “Aryan’s role in the film is great. I think we share great onscreen chemistry, which will show in Rudrapriya.”

Thapa added, “The film is experimental and can’t be likened to any that I have acted in before.”Rudrapriya is directed by Sudip Bobbi Bhupal Singh and written by Rubi Sen. Filmed under the banner of Sarswati Thapa and Aryan Films, the film features actors Rajan Ishan, Bishwo Basnet, along with Thapa and Sigdel in lead roles. The film will release on October 19.

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