Tuesday , January 16 2018

Five artists honored in Hetauda

The Nepal Academy of Music and Drama, at the recently-concluded Dance and Music fest in Hetauda, honored five Hetauda-based artists “for their tireless contributions to the field of Nepali folk music.”The Academy honored Bhola Joshi, Sushila Manandhar, Krishna Gopal Singh, Pramendra Maharjan, and Samu Prashad Baskota at the event. Vice-chancellor of the Academy and musician Sambhujit Baskota and culture expert Tulsi Thapa jointly conferred the awards to the recipients.

The fest concluded by showcasing various cultural dance and music performances from different indigenous communities around Hetauda.Speaking to the Post, Aasha Kaji Shrestha, programme co-coordinator, said, “The fest is the Academy’s effort to promote our language, culture, and traditions, music and dance, and to preserve them. Honoring the artists who have contributed so much to our cultural heritages is also a way to encourage aspiring artists.”


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