Thursday , February 22 2018

“Jhyanakuti” official trailer released

The official trailer of upcoming feature film Jhyanakuti has hit the airwaves. The trailer was screened alongside the movie’s song ‘Hey Sani,’ amid an event held at the Big Movies in the Capital. Directed by Simosh Sunuwar, Jhayanauti will be produced by Nisha Adhikari Malla—the actor’s debut at production. Speaking during the function, Nisha said, “I got into the production because the story really touched me. The film is a tragicomedy and revolves around a marriage.”

“The film explores the complications that arise when a couple decides to tie the knot and their life afterward the marriage,” said director Sunuwar. Jhyanakuti features actors Saugat Malla, Benisha Hamal, Puskar Gurung, Astal Gurung, Sumi Moktan, and Jeevan Bhattarai, among others. The film will hit theaters on November 17.

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