Tuesday , January 23 2018


Second movie directed by Nirak Poudel in the banner of GopiKrishna Movies, “HOMEWORK” made very average business as told by the distributors. The subject matter and far sight vision of the director in this movie seems to be very weak. This movie has tried to give a message that education is one of the most important thing in ones life but it has failed in to do so.

nirakSomehow, simply this movie is nice to watch but while looking at the weaknesses of the movies, it is seen that the director lacks hard work while making the story. No important role for actress Namrata Shrestha and G.P. Timilsina, repetition of dialogues, rich and old man sent to school because his son feels ashamed that his father does not understands English language, mistakes in screenplay and many more are the faults of this movie. Despite of these faults, actor Aaryan Sigdel’s acting as an old man is really appreciable.


In conclusion, the movie “HOMEWORK” is just only one movie added to the series of GopiKrishna Movies. 


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