Wednesday , November 22 2017

Ram Krishna Dhakal’s new song hits airwaves

A collaborative new album, Badhyata, which features vocals by Ram Krishna Dhakal, has hit the airwaves.The album features lyrics by Saru Bhattarai and its music has been composed by Alok Shree.This album follows Dhakal’s 2016 release Aawaran.Dhakal, who has so far sung over 1000 songs, has ten albums to his credit.

A household name in Nepal’s modern musical genre, Dhakal, rose to fame in the late 1990’s having seen his stock rise from playing as a Gaaine on the streets of Kathmandu as a child.A music video accompanying the album’s title song, Badhyata Chha Ekatira Rahar Bhitra Timi, has also been released via YouTube; the video features Dhakal in a studio.

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