Tuesday , January 23 2018


Film industry has got two new star Aaryan Adhikari and Mariska Pokharel from the movie “KE MA TIMRO HOINA RA’ directed by Aakash Adhikari. The story of this movie is a simple love story similar to other movies. Aaryan and Mariska fights for their love with their family and Prajjwal Sujal Giri with whom Mariska’s marriage had already been decided. Overall story is good but the movie somehow takes a bit long time.


Both Aaryan and Mariska have worked very hard in this movie. As there are lots of action scenes Aaryan has worked for six pack in his body and also focused in action. We can also see hard work of Mariska but both of them have to practice more in dialogues. Money spent in the scenes, action, climax and locations by producer Suresh Adhikari can clearly be seen in the movie. There is no any objection in it but the time consumed in second half story could have shortened by fast cutting. There was no need of item song for this movie. It only contains 4 songs and they too have beautiful locations that will surely win the hearts of audiences. If you are interested to see romantic love story with many obstacles and action of Aaryan then you should obviously go to the halls and watch the movie.     

k ma

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