Sunday , January 21 2018

“Samrakshan” set for release

The highly-anticipated feature film Samrakshan, which promises to bring to the screen a unique take on the Madhes-Pahad issue, is slated to release this Friday. The film will release in 80 theatre houses across the country. At a promotional event held in Hetauda, director Purendra Jha, said, “The film revolves around five P’s: Police, Press, Public, Power and Politics. The film addresses the core political wrangling regarding the Madhes issue and the fight for the people in the region.”Jha also said that in Samrakshan, he has employed an experimental technique of storytelling.

“The film is not only a surfacial exploration of the issues at hand; the film goes on to explore the psyche of those that are agitating for a cause,” Jha added. “But the film helps bridge the gap between the Madhes and the Pahad.” Samrakshan features actors Saugat Malla, Nikhil Upreti, Malina Joshi, Rameshranjan Jha, Asishma Nakarmi, and Nir Shah, among others.


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