Tuesday , January 23 2018

Satya Raj to mark cinematic comeback

The upcoming feature film Hairan is slated to bring the singer-turned-actor Satya Raj Acharya to the silver screen once again.Acharya, who won plaudits as an actor after playing the role of his own father in Acharya (2011), a biopic on ‘Bhajan Siromani’ Bhakta Raj Acharya, is slated to play the lead role in Hairan, a socio-political comedy. Soon afterwards, Acharya starred in the Asif Shah-directorial Karkash.Hairan, which will mark the cinematic comeback for Acharya, is currently into the post-production. On Wednesday, after Acharya completed his voice-over dubbing, the film has moved to the final stage on the technical front.

Hairan is directed by Saugat Bista, age 14, the “youngest director in the world”, according to Guinness Book of World Records; Hairan is Bista’s second directorial. Prior to this, Bista directed the feature film Love You Baba (2014), which told a single father’s attempt to take care of his 10-year-old daughter. With the film, Bista received several awards despite the film bombing at the box office.Alongside Acharya, Hairan features actors Gajit Bista, Nishma Ghimire and Buddhi Tamang in lead roles.  The background score is composed by the duo of Satyaraj Acharya and Sworup Raj Acharya.Speaking at a press meet, actor and producer Gajit Bista shared that the movie tries to portray the day-to-day struggles of commoners in a new Nepal.Hairan is slated to release sometime in mid-2018.


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