Tuesday , January 23 2018

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“Tirkha” – New Nepali Movie

Watch this new Nepali Movie “Tirkha” Starring – Jiwan Luitel, Poojana Pradhan, Nandita KC, Uday Shah, BS Balami etc. Director of this movie is Nirmal K.C.The Nepali movie ‘Tirkha’ is a presentation of LR Bibek for Super Kollywood Films banner. The producer, LR Bibek is also the chief assistant director of the movie. The action by Babu Balami, editing by Anil Gautam and music by …

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Puajana’s complains to Audiences.

“Now its clear that Nepali only likes movies with fake stories not the real stories. I made the movie from my heart thinking for the betterment but I did not get support of audiences. This is now my last status in Facebook and I won’t use Facebook anymore. Thanks”, this was the status of Pujana in her Facebook page after …

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Chocolate-New Nepali Movie

Comedian actor Nirmal Sharma is playing as an actor in  the film “CHOCOLATE” which is going to be release on 18th of Mangsir. He himself is the director of the film whereas; actress for the film is  Pujana Pradhan. Maybe this is the reason why he is busy going through different social network of other artists and medias. He is utilizing …

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