Thursday , January 18 2018

The Crown Awaits (Miss Nepal 2017)

As the countdown for the finale of Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2017—the most prestigious beauty pageant in the country—begins, Fursad Nepal gives you a glimpse of the 19 contestants who are ready to stake their claim to the coveted crown.

Name: Rojina Shrestha

Age: 23

Hometown: Kathmandu

Some of the people who inspire me are…My family members who push me to reach the very top and encourage me to never give up.

10 years from now, I want to be doing…The same thing I am doing now, which is trying to be a better person.

The most important ssthing in life is….To be thankful for every individual in your life.

My spirit animal is…The giraffe, as they are graceful, well-groomed and move with confidence and elegance.


Name: Anita Bhandari

Age: 24

Hometown: Syangja


10 years from now, I want to…Complete my PhD, work for a great research company as a scientist and settle down with a happy family.

The most important thing in life is….Sound health and a happy family If there is one animal that represents me it would be…..A Lion because I am strong, courageous, and protective.

To me Miss Nepal is…A platform that enables me to voice my opinion and makes me strong, independent and a better person.


Name: Aasina Baral

Age: 19

Hometown: Kathmandu


I am most passionate about…Spreading happiness, doing innovative things and acquiring peace of mind.

10 years from now, I see myself…Helping people grow out of superstitions and misconceptions that have long been prevalent in our society.

Some values all people should have are…Eyes that see best in people, a heart that forgives mistakes and a soul that never loses faith.

To me Miss Nepal is…Both an honor and a responsibility. It is a journey towards my passion to represent my country in an international platform.

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