Thursday , January 18 2018

The Crown Awaits

As the countdown for the finale of Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2017—the most prestigious beauty pageant in the country—begins, Fursad Nepal gives you a glimpse of the 19 contestants who are ready to stake their claim to the coveted crown.

Name: Swostika Silwal

Age: 19

Hometown: Lalitpur

Some of my inspirations are…My father, for his continual, unwavering support for everything I do. I also idolise Ishani Shrestha and Anuradha Koirala.10 years from now, I want to be doing…Social work related to street children.The most important things in life are…Family, health, time and ambitions. I think without these, life is incomplete.To me Miss Nepal is…A platform where I can find my strengths and weaknesses. I see it as a platform that will help me discover the real me.

Name: Rinku Bajracharya

Age: 23

Hometown: Lalitpur

I am most passionate about…Dancing and travelling.The most important thing in life is…To live the life of your dreams. If you believe in yourself, you will never regret the process of trying to fulfill your dreams, even if you don’t succeed at first.Some values all people should have are…Appreciation for the work others do. Even a small ‘Thank you’ goes a long way. The more you appreciate, the happier your soul becomes. To me Miss Nepal is…An experience of a lifetime. It is a platform where young women transform into women of substance. It gives us a medium to voice our voices, choices and opinions.

Name: Priyanka Khadka

Age: 22

Hometown: Jhapa

I am most passionate about…Research work related to the health sector.If money was not an issue, I would be…Establishing a pharmaceutical company that provides antibiotics for cheap. I would also be travelling far and wide.10 years from now, I want to be…doing research work at a well-equipped lab somewhere in Nepal and also exporting the antibiotics made in Nepal all over the world. I also want to be involved in social work related to women’s and children’s health.To me Miss Nepal is…A spinning wheel where raw clay is molded into beautiful pots. It is a place where one can explore their inner capabilities, their limits and how far they can push their boundaries.

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